The last time I wrote the drought was just beginning to release its hold, now we have experienced the annual transformation from rural paradise to swamp. Swamp it may be but we have so many lovely horses swimming in it this year.. Lots of interesting things happening.

Sales wise, we have seen two of our lovely 2yr old Handy Andy boys go, Weiti Zephyr has gone north to Sharee Graham and Weiti Westminster has gone even farther north to Michelle Wakeling as well as weanling filly Weiti Disco who should be a star with a mother by Corland and a daddy by Distelfink. A month back another truck of new horses was just what we needed!! Luckily four has already been turned to two before I even got the chance to introduce them. Two of the newbies, unbroken sisters by Mighty Heights have been sold to Sophie Wilkinson to event and Sam Peters to showjump, I liked these pretty sisters and I’m sure they will excel.

One of the remaining two from this most recent bunch is a quite gorgeous chestnut mare by top eventing sire Crown Coranation (UK) out of a 3* eventing mare. We have named her Aphrodite due to her resemblance of the voluptuous red headed goddess, Aphrodite too is mother of Eros (Weiti Eros now sold was one of our stars) so good connotations! She is being broken in at present. The last is Weiti Sonnet, a lovely Manuka filly sold at auction as a yearling she is now 10.. and unbroken, so she has gone strait to the broodmare herd. She is an excellent type and we look forward to her offspring.

Another new arrival comes in the shape of a 14.0hh 3yr old smokey black and white colt, currently going by the name of ‘Smokin’ Hot Cowboy’, we are still waiting for that name to grow on us but the colt certainly has! We brought him as a pet stallion for our 18.0hh Weiti Wednesday who is too big to breed with hack stallions. He is so cute we might have to take up ponies on the side!

And yet another new face in the crowd, the return of Weiti Potato, the 17.2hh full brother to our stallion Weiti Handy Andy. Tate was sold freshbroken 3years ago to a very armature lady rider who had two more of our horses, almost inevitably it didn’t work out and after receiving a serious torrent of abuse from this interesting character Tate arrived home on majestic, a bundle of nerves and skinny as a rake. Tate has understandably developed some habits after three years of…strangeness. But is quickly proving a serious athlete, we look forward to bringing him along and later seeing him in the stable of a more professional rider who can bring on his ample ability.

The voluptuous Aphrodite!
Craig delighted to be reunited with super talented Tate
Weiti Drama is a delight
Darling Ratamill Eric and Brittany of to work
Ratamill Gerko is such a pet, coming on really well
Smokey the pony colt, we love!
Our Dachshund puppy Elsie asleep in the camera bag
Lotte modeling her winter outfit after a day on Weiti.