Weiti Big Bang


GIANT two year old by Kingswood out of Ngahiwi Big Red.

And I shouldn’t poke fun as any savvy horse person can see that this will be a magnificent animal once he’s finished being a hideous teenager! However for now, I would forgive you for thinking a moose had had a hand in this cross. He is a mammoth, as tall or taller than most of our 2 and 3yr olds. If you’re wanting a kind and quiet natured showjumper or hunter who will mature well over 17.0hh and is the colour of poo, here’s your man.

Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye) finally had her foal. A huge and handsome colt by Kingswood (Indoctro). Back in 2004 (ish) Mum had about 25 foals due for the season and decided to run through the alphabet with a theme for naming them. So they all became Gods and Goddesses, we have continued the alphabet tradition with Fruit and Vegetables, Places of the World, Cars, Dances and Dancers, and International Cuisine. This season fell on a new round of the alphabet and our new theme is Space! With the sad loss of Whirlys pregnancy, Big Red’s colt is B and we think Weiti Big Bang suits him just fine! Welcome to earth Biggie.

Weiti Big Bang, he’s pretty ugly from every angle accept from the inside! Very, very kind and quiet soul this boy. He’s a yearling by Weiti Kingswood out of Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye) and is a huge boy, mature a good 17.2hh and should be an excellent jumper judging by his class parents.

He may look like a juvenile sasquatch but he is a SERIOUSLY quiet and easy going youngster with the limbs and foot size of a mature warmblood horse already. One day there will be a viral comparison picture of this thing jumping world cup along side this image!


as a yearling (2108)


Biggie, 1 hour old. After being checked at about 7.30am yesterday morning Red quickly spat him out at 8.30am while we weren’t looking!