Beyond pleasantly surprised with the two HK boys today, finally got around to giving them their first ride on NZ soil after a few weeks off traveling over and in quarantine, and they were both perfectly behaved in the wind and rain. No lunge just straight on with no worries.

Also got some much needed front wheels and had his second ride yesterday. You cannot fault this horses manners on the ground or under saddle. Easy Peasy, big and lovely 😍😇 as he is, had two rides and been perfect, has new front shoes and would like backs. BARGAIN people!

Stands patiently at all times with no bad habits or fretting. and was equally as sweet under saddle. He has naturally high head carriage which we will quietly encourage down! But is a real gentleman and a character.

Big boy Rocket, very kind and on the buckle, no spooking or sharpness about him.  over all straight and active way of going.

Midwinter sale $600 + gst