Golden Girl!

Patsy is a 4yr old QH/TB mare, mature around 16.0hh.

Patsy is a special 4yr old crossbred mare, around 16.0hh now but definitely growing, will be 16.1hh.

This girl is a kind and trainable young horse, very genuine and willing to please with plenty of ability across the board.

Patsy is still very green, she was professionally started a few months ago and was a nice, easy break in. She has had a few weeks further schooling with us and has not put a hoof out of place, taking everything new in her stride.

She is a very sporty type, big scopey trot and canter. She will be a joy to produce on the flat as she is a powerful mover but a quiet and easy ride.

Patsy is on the lazy side still, more greenness than anything, she just needs to learn to get up and go a bit easier off the leg! A naturally quiet nature.

Pats has just started learning to jump and though obviously still very new to it she is as kind and happy to do as she is told as she is with everything else! Popped over small cross country jumps with no worries and a scopey, careful manner. She gives me the impression she will be a serious jumping prospect as she knows exactly where her feet are and won’t touch anything with them.

Patsy has been out on the farm and is happy as can be, on the buckle walking out.

This girl is a strong and powerful type, great limbs and big, hard feet. Big engine, she is a bit down hill and awkward looking at the moment as she is bang in the middle of growing but will be a great looking horse once developed. Plain but kind head.

Patsy is 100% sound and happy in her work. Green so needs a rider who can teach her what ever her new job may be. She will be a delight to bring on and excel in virtually what ever she is trained to do.

For sale on behalf.

View northern Waikato. 25mins south of Bombay.
$6,750 + gst

Patsy is a 4yr old QH/TB mare, mature around 16.0hh.

4yr old QH/TB mare, mature around 16.0hh.