Weiti Osso Bucco


A gorgeous lad bred and built for jumping.

4yr old gelding by Weiti Kingswood out of Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye (Corland VDL)) EMH 17.0hh,

Weiti Osso Bucco has breeding all over with a touch of clyde and that clyde was the mother of top World Cup show jumper Sasquatch. This one will do the job at the highest level and he is lovely natured too.

Osso had contracted tendons at birth as he was so big, he had to live inside with splints for a few weeks to correct them and has come through perfectly bar a scar on his fetlock from the splint rubbing.

Osso has had a lot of handling and leads well, legs well handled. He is not a naturally out going horse in the herd, quiet and keeps to himself.

Bred to jump and jump well. One for a serious competitive rider.

He will be a very tall horse, around 17.0hh he will no doubt be the champion when he grows up!

$6,500 plus GST

yearling By Kingswood out of Ngahiwi Big Red (Corland colt/ Waimeha Rose mare)
As a yearling
This gawky bugger is really starting to grow into himself, and when I say grow. He is almost 16.2hh and 2yrs old!  Osso is an unusual deep red colour and going to be a fantastic type. Too big for me! top class jumping prospect.