Stuie the Tui


The secret favourite!

Talented 15.2hh 5yr old TB gelding by Keeper, fun and full of character!

Ah Stuie! We just love Stuie, he is an absolute dag and an incredibly easy and safe ride. Always happy to work whether out on the station, looking after a nervous rider or out showjumping.

Stuie has wormanlike movement and is well schooled on the flat, leg yield, shoulder in and flying changes all there. Stuie is very laid back and can be on the lazy side so not for a rider who likes a particularly sensitive and forward moving horse.

Stuie has just completed his first light seasons show jumping after pig hunting and moving stock as a 4yr old (never seen a racetrack) and has been a dream to take away to shows, perfect traveler even long journeys on the pokey back space of our truck. Great to stable and dead quiet and easy to compete, loves the ring bold, brave and careful. Jumping clear to 1.05m. No stop in him, no dirt in him, Stu is 100 % honest and safe.

Scope for JR/ Pro Am  for sure!

Gifted jumper, Stuie has all that is needed to win in the show jumping arena. He is cautious and extremely sharp, knows exactly where all his legs are and it isn’t touching a rail! Despite his carefulness he is extremely honest and willing to please, not a stopper or a staller despite being so green. Unfazed by fill and cross country fences, Stu has been out and about schooling at new places a couple of times and is perfectly behaved.

$8,000 + gst