Weiti Krypton

Weiti Krypton is a lovely rising two year old colt by Weiti Handy Andy out of Ngahiwi Focus. What a cute boy!

To quote Miss Poppins he is practically perfect in every way! So perfect that he is on trial to take his sire’s place. However his looks, breeding and conformation will not get him over the line!

He seems a sweet chap but temperament is a big deal for us. A nice enough natured colt will make a delightful gelding but to make a worthy stallion (for us) he will need to prove exceptionally laid back, kind and sensible as he matures. Regardless he is stunning and we adore him.

Handsome young man, he is proving very kind natured and easy as well so all signs looking good for a future MAN to replace his dad (Weiti Handy Andy/Ngahiwi Focus)! Big shoes to fill.

$ Not currently offered for sale