Duncan, a joy to behold. Dunc comes to us via Event Stars (churr guys 👌🏼) and is a 6yr old large gelding by Elusive City our of a Grosvenor mare. Ex HK, left as a 4yr old and has since chilled in the paddock in NZ with the odd ride baby sitting youngins.

He has been a dear to bring into work, he is a very kind soul and the more his soles harden up (he was a bit footy unshod) the looser and cooler moving he gets too. He is a super athletic type, perhaps not an athletes nature, he is very much Ferdinand the bull mooching along smiling at everybody.. but he will no doubt be a switched on and talented horse once he works it all out! He will be for sale once he has done some more learning. No vices what so ever, so easy on the ground. Love him. Watch this space for updates.

Duncan doing a good job on the stock work, he’s a 6yr old Elusive city/ Grosvenor gelding. He’s a lovely horse and will be on the market once he’s had some more life experience (though he’s had more than your average horse having been to Hong Kong and back! But moving cows is new .

Duncan having a go at some little jumps, he has a great attitude and I think will be a really cool jumper once he learns what’s what.

Not to be shown up Duncan jumped super and behaved like an elderly riding school horse on our little cross country ride this morning too! Dunc is a 6yr old just shy of 16.2hh (big with it) gelding by Elusive City out of Grosvenor mare (fab breeding!) Still green but a real dude, easy and willing to please, moves and jumps really well just needs an education now and he will excel in any sphere, Duncan should be a dream to produce. Knows his flat work and jumping basics and hacks out really nicely.

No vices or blemishes. $2,000 plus gst   SOLD