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Weiti Stables is a sport horse and show jumping training stable and stud. We breed, school and sell quality sport horses and ponies for riders of all ages and all levels of experience.  We also offer horse grazing, schooling, stud services and agistment at our equestrian centre Mangatangi in the north Waikato (just 20 minutes from Bombay). We offer an arena, stables, beautiful riding and jump paddocks. (NB We are no longer operating from Albany).

Breeding philosophy

At Weiti we aim to breed top quality horses; with temperament a big priority, interesting colour our speciality, and superstar quality an occasional bonus. We are competitive show jumping riders and compete on the North Island circuit with a team of young horses each season. specialising in

Healthy, happy sport horses at Weiti Station & Stables

Weiti Stables is situated just over the Bombay Hills is in the beautiful Kaiaua valley.

Coloured sport horses grazing at Weiti Station & Stables

Sound young horses

All our horses are bred and brought on in natural conditions. The mares run with the stallions, the foals are born unassisted in the paddocks ware possible and are fed and weaned on good quality pasture, with little hardfeed or additives. In general, our foals are handled at birth, then only handled every 2 months to be wormed and have their feet trimmed. This produces youngstock that are not “overfamiliar”, and we find much easier to break in when the time comes.

Intelligent sport horses with character at Weiti Station & Stables

After weaning, the youngstock move “out the back” – over the back of the farm in one of our bigger blocks. Here they grow slowly and strong, and learn independence and surefootedness on the hills. They also learn submission, by being run in a natural state with a herd of older broodmares. The mares let them know their place in the pecking order, whilst teaching them how to look after themselves.

I believe this is the basis for producing young horses that are sound in mind and body.

Sport horses being schooled in a river at Weiti Station & Stables

Horse schooling

When it comes to being broken in,we have a great facility at Mangatangi farm, ‘Weiti Waikato’ just 20 minutes from Bombay. The young horses in line for further education  have spectacular country side and ideal facilities for them to learn about ridden life. First the groundwork of lungeing, driving and backing takes place in the arena. Then they’re back out on the hills of Emerald Downs across the road, this time with a rider on board and an older horse to give them confidence. We like, when possible, to give them some time doing hacking and stockwork before they return to the arena to start schooling. By then they should be forward thinking and used to taking ditches, streams, mud, and logs in their stride.

Supurb showjumping form by Possum @ Weiti Station

This background makes a horse ready to find the technicalities of further training and the show jumping competition atmosphere a breeze.