Blue (Johnny Walker)


Blue is an 8yr old Gisborne bred gelding, around 16.0hh but VERY solid and big with it.

Blue has been a trusty work horse on the station in Gizzy that he grew up on, moving stock and being a general legand farm horse. We brought Blue a few months ago and he has made admirers out of all who have ridden him during his time here! He is a one in a million horse with a heart of gold. We have given him a basic schooling education on the flat and over jumps and he is a love with a cute jump and lovely canter. However he is in his element out trekking on the farm, he loves it and is so well mannered alone and in company. Ideal for a rider looking for a best mate with a rock solid nature to go trekking, hunting and maybe some lower to mid level competition in any sport!  Blue is a kind and willing character.

Blue is good to float, truck, shoe and handle. He can occasionally walk away when being caught but it’s a very brief and slow procedure, never runs off and doesn’t require a feed bin or the like.
Blue can be playful with other geldings but gets on well with other horses or happy as Larry alone too. Blue is an easy keeper with no health or soundness issues. He does have a thoroughpin on his hock which is a fleshy lump from an old knock. Been checked and cleared sound and happy with normal flexion, just a cosmetic thing. Other than that he is clean with good solid joints and feet.
A very special horse who we love to bits!

$8,500 + GST

Lizzie and Johnny Walker playing today, he is a true gent this horse. Very kind, not a world class athlete but very willing and I think that rocking horse canter will shape up nicely with some polish. First look at the jumps and he was a dear. HEAPS of interest, punters please stand by, he’s just come back in and is super unfit but will be available very soon. Shoes on, teeth done, very overweight.