Weiti Fair Trade


16.0hh 8yr old mare by Not Fair out of Weiti Wednesday

Fairy was sold a few years ago and her owner loved her to bits, sadly Fairy developed some allergy issues over time. Fair has been with us a few weeks now and her symptoms have eased to the point of being totally gone bar some itchy skin on her muzzle. She is in a 6 acre paddock of spring grass and on no supplements what so ever. The cause is unknown however it was thought that is was grass related as her old owner is on dairy grass and it was seasonal (fine in the summer, worst in the spring)

She is a happy, easy girl excellent on the ground and lovely to ride, she can be a bit lazy in the school but is a fabulous mover once you get her going. Very bold jumper, nothing spooks her. Great type, fantastic feet and fine to leave for days then hop on. Perfect on her own or in company, not a clingy horse.

Home is important for this girl as we cannot guarantee her allergies will not come back, she was never unsafe or anything like that but was unhappy and irritated when they were bad so would have to be managed if they did. South Island or lower North where grass related issues are not so common I am fairly certain she will have no issues, we are on rich Waikato grass here and she is actually fine so it was likely something very specific to her home farm.

This lovely mare could turn her hoof to anything, she is a classy mare and has a kind, quiet nature. Selling at a give away price for what she is at $3,500 +gst only due to her past problems with allergies.