Weiti Paella

Small but perfectly formed.

6 year old mare by Smokey (pony stallion) out of Weiti Breakdance (Thomas RF/W.Wednesday)

This little golden one is Weiti Paella, she is a 6yr old mare by lovely crossbred pony stallion Smokey and out of Weiti Breakdance (Thomas RF/ Weiti Wednesday), currently standing 15hh

Super type, very clean, straight and correct with a delicate head. very feminine with the added bonus of a golden dun coat. Gorgeous! Fabulous, big mover.

She was broken in last year by the brilliant Matt West, she was a champ for her breaking and had some good bush whacking adventures. We have given her a couple of small blocks of work over the past few months and she is a great pony, time restraints have seen her out the back paddock the last wee while but its time to get her going for good now that she’s a grown up!

Absolute top class prospect for competition of any type, should jump the moon. Given the thumbs up by Bill Noble to go all the way as a dressage horse, either for a child or a small adult.

Weiti Paella, one of our homebred pretties we are bringing along at the moment. P is soon to be 5yrs (early Feb) and is a super talented, fun little mare. She is riding the cusp of small hack and big pony so we plan to have an official measure done on her soon before we seriously start looking for her new pilot. At home she leans on the hack side but so have others here who measured down!

She is an incredibly intelligent, hard working wee mare, big impressive paces and a very instinctual, brave and careful jumper. Loves riding out on the station. Nice to have around and lives off the smell of an oily rag. truly excel any discipline just needs a capable rider to continue her rock solid early education. Sharni has been doing a super job schooling P and will be very sad when her new rider comes along! If the height isn’t a problem for your discipline then feel free to flick us a message for more info. 


sorry she is all grubby, just pulled out of the paddock!

Weiti Paella, I love this little face! She is a 2.5yr old filly by our pony stallion Smokey (now sold) out of Thomas RF mare.


Weiti Paella with her crazy locks!! 3 yr old filly by crossbred stallion Smokey and out of the lovely Weiti Breakdance

yearling filly by Smokey (pony stallion) out of Weiti Breakdance (Thomas RF/Wednesday)

Paella working the camera. I might have to stop myself from giving this one my signature cropped fringe..