It is a sad day at Weiti Stables today (28 Jan 2017) . The one and only Weiti Mac has died after suffering a stroke.

Mac was Weiti’s first conscious effort to breed a coloured sporthorse 27years ago, crossing little stationbred mare Pakeha with San Mateo El Ribadeo. The result was Mackintosh, a tall handsome skewbald colt who grew on to become a fantastic allround sporthorse who competed to 3star eventing and 1.40m SJ.

He was a horse who marched to the beat of his own drum and it was only Jackie‘s deep understanding of his quirks that allowed him to become such a magnificent competition horse. When the jumps got too big for her ambitions, she passed the reins onto other talented riders, who all enjoyed success at the upper levels of eventing and showjumping.

Mac was as useful (and quirky!) outside the show arena as he was in it, he taught many riders to jump and ride, quick to assure you if you were not performing to his standards! He was a stock horse, a hunter and after an early retirement at age 16 due to a shattered pedal bone on cross country, he has been king of the youngster herd, teaching them all how to behave.

His last and possibly most important job came 3 months ago in the form of Whinny, our orphaned filly who he has nursed through the loss of her mum and taken fantastic care of day in day out.

Mac inspired our whole business here at Weiti Stables Ltd, so his legacy will surely not be lost. He was a special horse and a champion and will be remembered by many. RIP Weiti Mac.