Classy and great natured pony!

Superb full size 6yr old mare.

Cranberry! My child.. I love her with all my heart ? she is a 6yr old 14.2hh mare, been to showjumping days, hunted and had heaps of miles on the farm. Genuine saint, green schooling wise though knows all the basics well. Clean legs, lovely type and colour.

Seriously for sale

$8,325 plus GST.


Cranberry (5yr old full size pony mare) popping over a log out on the farm, we love this little mare to bits.


Leo (full size pony for sale) and Cranberry going for a dip on a very hot day yesterday!


We have had so many awesome ponies lately! Three here out for a hack on the station, Cranberry (14.2hh 5yr old mare, one of our own) Little Winter at the back (3.5yr old 13.3hh mare for sale on behalf) and Leo (14.2hh 13yr old SJ gelding on behalf)


Cranberry and Jess who is helping us out on her uni break. Berry is a fantastic hacker, great walk, quiet and loves it. Everyone who meets/rides her LOVES her.
Only Phone photography this morning because there’s actual water falling from the sky (happy dance) but Cranberry sure is cute! She was initially puzzled by jumps, slowing down to a walk and stepping over one foot at a time but she’s got the idea now and makes a fabulous shape! 5yr old full size Gisborne bred pony, one of our own and not really on the market just yet but watch this space!