Weiti Cassoulet

A heavenly pairing strikes again!

Ngahiwi Focus (Ngahiwi Bay Indoctro) X Weiti Handy Andy

Bay skewbald filly with restful markings. Born October 2015.

This tall, attractive filly has some excellent breeding behind her with Manuka (Panekau), Dances with Fire, Indoctro and Emillion all as grand parents. She is the third of four superb coloured young stock to come of this cross.

Mature 16.2-3hh, a very athletic built mare, elegant and very feminine but strong. Amazing neck and shoulder.

Cassie has a kind and easy nature, enjoys her handling.

$ Not currently offered for sale

Weiti Cassoulet (3yr old mare by Weiti Handy Andy/Ngahiwi bay Indoctro mare) being chased by a mob of dairy heifers. She was a true shepherds hack as Matt climbed off to pull a stuck ewe out of a bog!

Ngahiwi Focus (Ngahiwi Bay Indoctro) X Weiti Handy Andy