Weiti Drama


Sensational 8yr old Skewbald Gelding

by Weiti Handy Andy out of Weiti Ramona (Le Roux/Mandingo) 16.3hh

Drama is a bit special. He is a beautiful specimen by anyone’s standards, with superb conformation and immeasurable presence. Even some strict warmblood loving, colored horse haters have had to admit to his quality, they aren’t all bush pigs guys 🙂



Drama is a tall, scopey horse with fantastic movement, huge trot and adjustable, rocking horse canter. Well established on the flat, Excellent lateral work, lengthen trot and flaying changes. Could easily go all the way in straight dressage but potentially pointless with his colouring??


Drama equals his dressage potential with his ability over fences, he is an extremely scopey individual, huge wofty jump with a very good back end, hasn’t tightened up in front yet but its coming with the introduction of some height, very careful and bold, not scared of water trays, fillers or big jumps. A big bold ride to jump, not for a faint hearted rider lacking a good seat.

weiti drama 263

Jumped multiple DC rounds up to 1.10m last season, any rails were always coming out of doubles or related lines as he still can have to much jump coming in and to much stride coming out, learning to adjust himself as he hates to touch a rail.

I feel this could be an absolute super star eventer. Bold and light enough to gallop and jump cross country, careful enough to showjump and flash/ quiet enough to produce fabulous dressage even when extremely fit.


Drama is a pain on the ground, no bad habits just needy and impatient.. if he is being dealt with he is happy but when tied up or in the box he digs and fusses. Good to clip, shoe, self loads onto truck and great at competitions though he can get excited in the warm up he doesn’t do anything a confident amateur couldn’t deal with. Good out on the station only impatient when doing gates.. learning to be a real farm boy though.

Has it all, very well schooled with ability coming from every orifice! Loves himself to death and we do to!


23/05/2016  Drama is turned out until next season.