Manuka is Gisborne bred bay and white, 15.2hh by Panikau (17hh).

Throws big upstanding foals with intelligent personalities , elevated movement and exceptional jumping style and scope. Will produce substance without heaviness when put over lighter mares.

Manuka- Rest in peace buddy

Manuka’s oldest progeny are now 8 years old and are proving to be extremely versatile sport horses. They are all super jumpers and move well. They are succeeding as top level show jumpers, show hunters, dressage horses and eventers. There are also many to be seen on the hunt field, going carefully over the fences, not through them, and keeping cool, calm and collected as they do it!

Manuka’s biggest asset as a sire, is his ability to over ride any faults, physical or mental that the mare presents. His genetic stamp is phenomonal, producing well conformed, brainy foals every time.

Colour wise, he is homozygous bay, so produces only bay or bay and white foals. No chestnut, brown or black. The mare may step in with a dominant colour gene, such as grey, dilute or roan, but Manuka will always just offer his bay or bay and white.

2008/9 Stud fee $850+gst includes 1 month grazing and 1 pregnancy scan