Wild Boy


This gorgeous horse is Wild Boy (faaar from it!) an 8yr old 16.2hh gelding by Hawkeye. NZ bred then raced in HK. Just out of quarantine, he is a total knockout in the looks and conformation department. Has been a dude to deal with during his few days here, boxed at night and out in the paddock during the day, calm and cool in both. No vices, pulls a face when he has his rugs changed but not at anything else. A BIG, short coupled boy with a calm outlook. Got four new shoes on today, perfect to be shod.

First ride for the HK boy today and what a good boy, very well behaved and a nice regular way of going. He grumps about some things on the ground mainly when he gets his feed and rugs/ girth going on and off. But nothing nasty and loves a good brush, cuddle etc, no grumps at all under saddle.. happy as Larry and looks great.

See below uncut, first ride post racing and quarantine. No dramas at all and a lovely way of going, very cool type of horse.

He is looking for a great home too! $600 + gst

Wild Boy