Cute and correct palomino and white Gisborne bred gelding, rising 3yrs EMH 15.1hh

Graham is one of a group we brought from Ruatoria horse sale in April this year. He was not handled when he arrived but has taken to domesticated life well.

A quiet natured boy, he has had a basic halter education (with a bum rope to begin with) and has been on a truck trip to be gelded and turned out at our North Auckland place. Loaded and traveled well and was good for the vet/process of being cut.

graham head

Graham did get a bit cranky over food during his time in the yards when he first arrived however it was all talk (ears back) and quickly subsided once we got the head collar on him and he realized he wasn’t the boss. Not a kicker. After discovering he was coming up three rather that rising two when he was under to be gelded that explained the cranky talk! Three year old colts think they are the man! But he is no longer 😉

This wee chap is a well built, eye catching horse with a quiet temperament. He will be a wonderful project, a nice quiet pally and white small hack gelding is a hot commodity! Once broken in, a little older and with a golden summer coat you will have yourself a winner!

A good solid but sporty type with a great trot, could be good for any discipline or a hardy and fun pleasure horse.

$2,500 + gst

Turned out at Weiti Station, available to view in the paddock.. Will be broken in this summer and price will double.