Sale on behalf

Matching horse and rider.

Sales are our specialty.

We offer a sale on behalf service for horses and ponies, based from our Northern Waikato facility in Mangatangi.

With more than 30 years in horse sales, our business has had hundreds of horses and ponies come through and has upheld a reputation for honesty and genuine representation of stock.

We have a good client base and strike rate for sales and more recently have been developing a great reach on social media which further aids our ability to match horses with the right owners.


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Weiti Stables Ltd boasts ideal facility’s for prospective buyers to trial horses and our staff are successful and experienced. We turn out and show horses under saddle to a very high standard and are always looking to make partnerships that will go on to be safe and successful, there is a right rider for every horse.

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We have good photography equipment and know how to market horses to really show them off and attract the right buyers in a timely fashion.

Pricing for sales is a set weekly rate, We do not take a commission from sale price. Normally we work the horse for a week to get to know them and gather media for advertising. Then they are marketed here on our website, on our facebook page and listed on Trademe. How long it takes for a horse to sell really depends on the individual and the market but we normally sell within four weeks. If the horse is unsold after 6 weeks on the market our rate is reduced until sale.

punga and mill 441Charges:

$300 + GST per week for full service.

Includes grazing, hay and bailage, 4 days per week work on top of showing to prospective buyers and marketing.



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