Costa del Sol


Kind 16.2hh 7yr old TB gelding, amazingly easy and laid back.

Costa is a tall, handsome TB gelding bred in Australia and raced in Hong Kong before retiring to NZ sound and happy after his world travel. Only horse we have who has lived in three countries!

This horse is such an easy, straight forward boy. Loves to work, never hot or stressy, just quietly gets on with his job whether it be flat work, jumping or hacking. As trainable as a horse can be, Costa tries his absolute hardest at everything he does and picks things up easily and quickly as a result.


Established on the flat, works in a consistent frame, accepting of the contact while still being soft and light. Leg Yield and shoulder in established, flying changes perfect both ways. A very rideable, work manlike horse on the flat with lovely movement to match, can take a bit of motivating (how he raced well is beyond me!) but not stubborn. A bit stiff in walk at the beginning of a ride. Once he has had a trot round and loosened up he’s fine.


Costa is as honest as the day is long (I’m talking summer solstice honest!) Nothing phases him, fill, cross country fences, water or height. He was a bit perplexed about how to use himself to begin with, he would come into grids and do all sorts of strange things to try and get it right! But he would always keep trying and always change what he was doing so I knew the light bulb was coming, never switched off or said no. The light bulb has gone off and Costa is now very correct, careful and sure of himself. A total pleasure to jump, doesn’t pull or speed up and would never dream of refusing. I would put my granny on him for a jump lesson.


Costa has been on plenty of outings to new places including a training show jumping show and cross country schooling, always behaves beautifully, self loads on the truck (not surprising seeing he’s been on a plane quite a bit!) Excellent to handle, loves people, other horses etc. He is a wind sucker, it does not affect him in anyway.

Ideal for any discipline, jump, event, dressage, hunt. Such a dude and he’s bilingual!

$5,500 + gst