I have finally made contact with Ratamill Steve! Yipee, he was so wild we were starting to think he was a bit of a lost cause, but one day he looked at me and sighed a long sigh as if to say ‘this little freak isn’t leaving me alone so I suppose I’ll humour her’. I can catch him in the round pen and he leads well, touching was tricky to start with but now I can pat him on his head and neck.. so progress at last!

The last few weeks have seen two of our yard favorites sell, both to friends who will graze with us which is awesome. Indoctro mare Ngahiwi Indestructible (Mumma) has found the mother of her dreams in successful show and dressage rider Jane who grazes her saddle hunter Milla with us already. Mumma is no show hack but has excellent movement and trainability and Jane has big plans for her career. Ratamill Geoff who I must admit I was sad to be letting go so soon has been sold to long time friend and client Charlene who plans to do a bit of everything with lovely Geoff.

The dreaded drought is starting to crack, we had about 20mills a couple of weeks ago which sent the Kikuyu grass away again, and there are some showers and rain around over the next few days, so that takes a little pressure off.

So glad we had out little HOY get away, was so worth it to see a kiwi snatch the big class from the Aussies again especially as there were so many and some were all class, The fact that it was our idol  Maurice made it all the more exciting! Some Weiti ponies performing well down there in Showhunter, Showjumping, Dressage and showing. Weiti Pheonix took out Pinto Horse of the Year for Carl and Lisa and also won the versatility sash for points across the suitability classes, Pheonix has won 3 supremes for 6 shows this season and won 5 from six suitability for Showjumping classes.. very cool!

Another season is over, had a great time with the youngsters all making good progress.. I’m looking VERY forward to next season where I should have the best ponypower yet!

FINALLY!!! Steve see’s past me horns and forked tongue
My priceless piece of alcathine strikes again.
Jane and Mumma, a marvelous pair
Weiti Pheonix, Butterfly/Handy Andy
Pinto HOY