Lets face it, if your in the horse and farming industry, the grass is greener on the other side of the bridge. We love Weiti Station, her rolling hills and plentiful space have been the cornerstone for our breeding and training system, However over the past few years despite the growing  necessity we have been loathe to develop the horse facilities (i.e stable yard and arena) as we have had our eyes peeled for the perfect place in the Waikato area.

Finally we have found that place in beautiful Mangatangi, less than an hour from Auckland city yet so much easier for traveling to shows further south. Myself and a small team of nine horses so far have moved down and its heaven for all parties. The wonderful guys over one side of the farm are building a fabulous 40m by 60m arena and a beautiful stable and while thats going on I work the horses in the paddocks, the entire thing is a mudless bowling green which after working in Dairy Flat (clay up to your eye balls) for 5 years is amazing! The grass is different too, very lush and green and makes my horses buck and fart and do passage, they are strip grazing now!

So in about 3 weeks when the facilitys and fencing are finished more horses can move down and I can get on with the massive amount of breaking in to do and get ready for the shows.. very exciting.

Gorgeous Weiti Beijing has finaly found an amzing home, he has been an absolute favorite of mine and many people who have worked here.

Some of the new Waikato team enjoying a bit of nude time in the sun today
The arena paddock two weeks ago…
… And today, currently in the leveling process
Weiti Beijing, cool as a cucumber