This has to be the most plesant August weather wise is history. The grass is going crazy and the ground is drying up at both propertys, who knows if it will carry on into spring but lets hope for a nice mix of rain and sun! We dont want to have rock hard ground in October.

The show season draws near, very exciting.. The stable and arena are nearing completion at the new place and its all looking awesome. Up in Auckland things are ticking over nicely too, progress being made with the Ratamill horseys, FINALLY can give an update on the one you never hear about Ludgar! He has been the most difficult by far but is coming around now that boss Jackie has started spending the time with him, He can be caught and handled around the face but it’s a long road with this guy! Lucky he’s flash.. Little grey Rodrigo has come in after a break and is being backed, He is a sweet little boy and will make a great allrounder for a small adult or teen in a month or two.

Weiti Potato has started jumping under saddle and is showing heaps of scope and an excellent back end, this big guy is such a show stopper!

Manuka filly Weiti Rosie and fresh broken ‘on behalfer’ Aphrodite are coming down to join the Waikato team next and will both be started over fences and marketed in the near future.

With spring comes the foaling season! Our first to foal in Weiti Ramona who is pregnant with twins! They were caught to late in her pragnancy to abort one so we have had to let it be, She is a month away and the big roomy mare is looking well bigger than normal so both must be devaloping, She will likely drop soon (A little early) and we hope she has two healthy foals!

Ratamill Ludgar with hooky and towely as Jackie calls them, other props include sticky, ropey and his least favorite…….
Rodrigo with Craig astride
Weiti Potato flys a log, this big scopey boy nearly jumps ‘iron legs craig’ off sometimes!