Not a great deal to report, winter is bowing out with a bit of a hiss and a roar after a really quite settled later part of the season (sort of) but that’s ok, spring and the show/foaling season are virtually upon us which is always cause for great excitment in our camp.

In Auckland the earlier of our mares are ready to pop, Ramona, a blymp carrying two Handy Andy offspring is now in the barn being rudely woken up in the middle of the night. We keep our fingers crossed for at least a safe birth and hopefully two living foals!

In Mangatangi I have been discovering the joys of doing a project like ours (involving alot of earthworks and building material) in the winter! Copious amounts of water falling from the sky, I’m told makes it impossible to work, I frown petulantly and stomp off 😉

However despite my impatience, great progress has been made on days when weather permits, the arena’s two drainage layers have proved their ability to move water over the last couple of weeks! and as long as it gets a chance to dry out over the weekend the final surface will go down next week.. YAY!

The stable is taking shape too, frame and rooves are up, concrete, walls etc waiting again for the weather gods to smile on us.

Sadly the fencer has no excuse! They have been working overtime with the fencing around arena, roundpen and some other post and rail and are now onto the paddocks.

Boy, My Dad will be getting breakfast in bed this Father’s day!!

The round pen adjoining the arena, a dream piece of kit that will be AMAZING for the breakers!
Looking up arena-wards from stable..Fletch the fencer been hard at work
The stables taking shape, with the beautiful Hunuas in the background
The arena, drainage layers being finished off
Happy horses grazing in my current ‘arena’
View from a high point
The new arrivals turned out until the facilities are ready, one thing on their mind!