Ah October, one of my favourite months of the year.. days are longer and holding much promise for the months ahead!Peace and harmony at Weiti Waikato, horses are happy and slowly all coming into full work now the arena in finished. We have been to two competitions so far, Rotorua at Taupo two weeks ago ware my horses were slightly mad but co-operative which is all I could have asked from the fat, under worked trio of in season mares!

And this past week end was Eastern Bays showjumping at the gorgeous Te Teko racecourse. After our dress rehearsal at Taupo (we rehearsed being maniacs) Ponies were much more settled and rider was taking of from distances much closer to the jump! so we had a great, sunny show with all the team. Other Weiti horseys were out doing well early in the season to which is great to see.

With a three week break from shows now I will be making good use of the round pen finishing of a handful (quite a big handfull) of breakers that have been staring at me over the fence as I was trying and failing to tame the showjumpers before the first show!

Having the gorgeous new arena is a god send, the surface has turned out beautifully and the drainage is exceptional. Need to steal some more jumps from Weiti Auckland now (ssshhhh) Stable almost done bar the rubber wash down and the new roof on the old woolshed part.. getting close!

Up at Weiti Auckland it’s foaling time! Sadly worst case scenario with Ramonas twins, her big colored filly was born dead and little roan colt survived only a couple of days. Very sad but at least Ramona is fine. On a brighter note we have two healthy gorgeous new additions. Weiti Wednesday has had a handsome big roan colt by Thomas RF called Weiti Levade and blueblooded maiden filly Ngahiwi Focus (Indoctro/Emillion) has had a superb skewbald filly by Handy Andy called Weiti Minuet, a very exciting individual!

Arena in action
New 40m by 60m arena at Weiti Waikato! Yipee
In The Roundpen or Bucking Ring as my father calls it, ever the optimist.
Weiti Drama ponsing about on his first trip away at Te teko. A very good boy, lot’s of ability but don’t tell him I said that, he doesnt need to love himself anymore than he does already.
Ngahiwi Big Red and Craig at Te Teko, soo cool! placed in the Table C Class her first time in ring 1
Ngahiwi Possum, my little star very glad to be out again!
Edward Bullock’s Weiti Danniverke in the trining ring, Edward also had Weiti Justice at the show who placed 4th in the 1.30m and jumped in his first Grand prix on Sunday (we are yet to hear how he went!)
Weiti Elderberry gives her jocky a big jump over the wall
Weiti Levade running laps around his mother
Handsome Weiti Levade poses in the morning mist
Beautiful Weiti Minuet
Ewwww mum whats that stuff!