We arrived home last night from Tauranga after a great show. Admittedly it was a bit of a bummer not having any of my horses in the big ring but in saying that it gave the greenies the opportunity to go away and compete at a big show which they would not have other wise done this season. All four made a step up in height and jumped really well all weekend. Possum was super in the 1.20m classes even getting a ribbon in an A1 😉 Aglaia and Muma Mia moved up to ring two starts and were amazing both picking up prizes, and Penny Power who has only had 4months of work jumped in 1m-1.05m classes with style and confidence!

It was typically well run, they did a good job with the ground considering the drought, though I could feel the horses jarring up by Sunday. Courses were great, they had a nice BBQ and we had a cool show allround.

In other news the Ratamill horses are coming along, Craig is away with Eric now riding around the arena, I had walked Gerko around just before we left and he was very quiet and sweet. Rodrigo has been being caught everyday and can now lunge and be tacked up but he is taking a while to trust anyone an inch, though he does now trust hay, baleage and feed! Geoff is going beautifully, stunning on the flat and happily jumps anything I point him at, he is a really amazing horse. Steve and Ludgar are now in as well, Bruce Neil has been up to help us with their first handling and made some progress, Ludger is starting to think people might be okay but Steve is remaining VERY distant so we will work on them both slowly with the help of feed and long ‘catch me’ ropes on their headcollars.

Our 2yr old colt Kinswood is the proud father of three 30 day old foetuses! Belonging to Valient mare Frog, Handy Andy Filly Narnia and Fat Gabby. We are sooo excited to see his first progeny next season.

The drought has broken today! It certainly isn’t flooding the cracked ground but there has been steady showers all night so that’s something!

Penny Power flew around her classes
Possum performed better every day
Little Aglaia showed serious ability, never missed a distance or knocked a rail
Aggie giving her first liverpool a wide birth!
Stunning Ratamill Geoff, a joy to work with
Davey making friends with Rodrigo
Lovely Gerko a couple of weeks ago
Craigs first ride on Eric a couple of weeke ago