Amazing looking and extra quiet rising 2yr old

Gisborne bred mare. Mature around 16.1hh

Olive is a striking filly from Ruatoria Gisborne, she is a good size, type and has quite an astounding temperament.

dotg 207

Olive was one of a group of babies we brought and all were essentially un handled and from the same circumstances (straight of the hills of Gisborne), they all had fairly similar reactions to their first handling session, very nervous and hard to get a hand on to begin with, all accept Olive! She was so quiet and easy it took minutes in a biggish yard and she was allowing us to touch her all over and halter her, she is that amazing!

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This young mare is a quality type, leggy and refined with a beautiful head and really awesome markings, a very ‘loud’ looking lady!

We love Olive and can’t wait for her to grow up so we can ride her.

Had a basic leading lesson and been wormed, now out on the hills at Weiti Waikato.

$3,500 + gst

Olive is out on the hills growing, she will be brought in this spring to further her halter education, her price will increase.