A few bummers for us over the festive season! My favorite show the Taupo Christmas Classic is going to be a miss, my team are suffering from various ailments I was hoping to have them all up and going but we have had to scratch, which sucks. Also our last foal of the season, Valiant mare Frog / Lord Larino is a stunning grey colt but sadly has a parrot mouth, However the vet is confident he will be just fine so we are glad about that.

At Least the now LONG break from shows over Christmas gives me time to work on all the youngsters, The Ratamill horses are coming on well.. Ratamill Geoff is amazing and almost broken in after two sessions! Gerco who is so stunning is getting better to handle every day, he is very quiet just a little agro when pressured.. And Eric who Craig is working with is taming down really well amongst the action in the yard.

I have just brought the breathtaking 4year old Fuji back into work and he really is something else! And his little brother Westend (both HandyAndy’s) is sailing through his breaking in. Plus we have an exciting new addition in Pennypower, a 6yr old Powerfee mare we brought from Des Lowe, wait till I post a picture of it jumping!!

So anyway I shouldn’t moan! Though it is raining today.

Ratamill Geoff
Gorgeous Weiti Glissade, our cracker of the season
Superb type, Glissade is by Watchamacallit LS out of Weiti Eros full sister Weiti Singapore Girl
First time mum Singy, trying to control her crazy son