Our six new charges arrived from Ratamill stud today, accept for one they have all had only the most basic handing so are understandably outraged by the sudden move from their birthplace via cattletruck.. however they seem nice natured and are all quality, correct types, we are looking forward to starting them and seeing what they are like. Being team Weiti we had to have a theme for their names! we decided to name them after some of our favorite showjumping boys! A vague introduction….

Ratamill Geoff (Billington) 4yr old, the only one of the pack who is half clyde and also the one who has had plenty of handling, he is gorgeous and an absolute sweetheart, very gentle
Ratamill Gerco (Schroder) 5yr old, Gerco is a BIG boy, probably about 16.2hh with a scopey build.. my personal favorite!
Ratamill Eric (Lamaze) 7yr old, Eric is a super elegant type, a quarter arab that SERIOUSLY shows in his head!!
Ratamill Rodrigo (Pessoa) 4yr old, very beutiful.. a bit smaller for a quarter clyde (they are all quarter clyde bar Geoff) about 15.2hh
Ratamill Ludgar (Berbaum) 4yr old, Ludgar is rather lovely.. he’s got that flashy four white stockings and white face with a tall, light frame, the bling is the only evidance of the clyde!