2018 foals

Weiti Icarus – Sold

Handsome Weiti Icarus has sold to a lovely home in the South Island. I’m sure he’ll make another Handy Andy baby convert out of his new Mum. Gorgeous boy!

Our first foal of the season, Weiti Icarus who is a classically big and strong Weiti Handy Andy son, out of Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye [Corland VDL]) What a beautiful boy! And good girl Big Red, spitting out another healthy giant with out a hair out of place, you go girl! This guy has plenty of awesome genes and will be a seriously impressive animal as he grows up… and up.

If Krypton is the wing Icarus is the prop… He is a beast! A very tall, strong colt but still very athletic looking, loud markings for the true skewbald lover and a friendly, easy going out look on life. This guy will be a true gentle giant and a lovely big sporthorse. Imagine this guy as a huge, cruisy 4yr old gelding with his daddy’s amazing movement! Who could resist.He is for sale at weaning $4,000 + gst if you’d love a Andy foal but are on a budget go for this age! And what fun doing the whole process yourself.

Handsome XL boy Icarus. Legs and ears for days! He’s making a big trip to the South Island once he’s weaned.

$ Sold

Weiti Krypton

Pictures do this colt no justice… Weiti Krypton is by Weiti Handy Andy out of Ngahiwi Focus. To quote Miss Poppins he is practically perfect in every way!

So perfect that he is on trial to take his sires place. However his looks, breeding and conformation will not get him over the line!
He seems a sweet chap but temperament is a big deal for us. A nice enough natured colt will make a delightful gelding but to make a worthy stallion (for us) he will need to prove exceptionally laid back, kind and sensible as he matures. Regardless he is stunning and we adore him.

Weiti Krypton, he’s a very nice foal. Showy and well put together. he had his first real temperament test coming in to be caught, vaccinated and generally fluffed about with and he was very stoic and calm. His balls are looking safe so far 😂

$ inquire