2018 foals

Weiti Icarus

Our first foal of the season, Weiti Icarus who is a classically big and strong Weiti Handy Andy son, out of Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye [Corland VDL]) What a beautiful boy! And good girl Big Red, spitting out another healthy giant with out a hair out of place, you go girl! This guy has plenty of awesome genes and will be a seriously impressive animal as he grows up… and up.

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Weiti Jupiter

Baby number two! Weiti Jupiter is a dun colt by Weiti Kingswood out of Weiti Starlet (Weiti Handy Andy) and he’s a fourth generation Weiti born boy on his dam side, with Mum purpose breeding his great grandmother, his grandsire and his dam. Born conveniently in this nasty weather front and in size xtra large, he is a little contracted and a little dorky! But he will soon unfurl, a superb boy! He looks deerish to me! Very elegant chap

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 Weiti Krypton

Baby number three, Weiti Krypton is a lovely colt by Weiti Handy Andy out of Ngahiwi Focus. What a cute boy!

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