2017 Foals

Weiti Big Bang

Yesterday morning Ngahiwi Big Red (Ngahiwi Oneye) finally had her foal. A huge and handsome colt by Kingswood (Indoctro). Back in 2004 (ish) Mum had about 25 foals due for the season and decided to run through the alphabet with a theme for naming them. So they all became Gods and Goddesses, we have continued the alphabet tradition with Fruit and Vegetables, Places of the World, Cars, Dances and Dancers, and International Cuisine. This season fell on a new round of the alphabet and our new theme in Space! With the sad loss of Whirlys pregnancy, Big Red’s colt is B and we think Weiti Big Bang suits him just fine! Welcome to earth Biggie.


Biggie, 1 hour old. After being checked at about 7.30am yesterday morning Red quickly spat him out at 8.30am while we weren’t looking!

 Weiti Chaka

Whilst we were away at showjumping the latest Weiti horse arrived! Well performed Valiant mare Kahurangi Vin Rouge (winner of Speed horse of the year and 3rd in Lady rider of the year) had a gorgeous red colt by Senator VDL. Huge thanks to Ellie and her vet team for foaling Chaza down for us after she had some complications and slipped her foal last year. She and this sweet guy were in great hands.

This is Weiti Chaka, colt foal by Senator VDL out of Kahurangi Vin Rouge (Valiant mare who won speed horse of the year and placed 3rd in Lady Rider of the year amongst many other top level accolades) This guy should make a cracking competition horse, taking his first leading lesson in with perfect manners too.

$ Not currently offered for sale

Weiti Chaka, colt foal by Senator out of Kahurangi Vin Rouge. Such a tall boy with super type and temperament.. pretty special.

He knows his mum was a speed champion and is already having a go!!





Weiti Deimos (Sold)

Weiti Deimos colt by Weiti Handy Andy out of Aimee’s Sandtrap mare Bella. What a cutie!

Aimee has made the hard decision to sell her superb son! Weiti Deimos is by Weiti Handy Andy out of Aimee’s quality Sandtrap mare Bella. He is just perfect really, beautifully put together and an excellent nature. Mature 16.2hh, extremely well priced for an Andy foal for a prompt sale.

$ Sold


Weiti Eclipse (sold)

Another Weiti Handy Andy baby, Ngahiwi Focus (Indoctro/Emilion) has had a big, beautiful filly. Focus has had five foals for us all with Andy, four skewbald and a roan, all tall attractive and very good natured. Safe to say we loooove this little brown Ngahiwi mare, $700 at the sale!

This girl is a dream to deal with and so switched on. The foals can get pretty anxious when their mums go into the crush to be scanned but Eclipse couldn’t have cared less about having only humans to hang out with. Love her! She could be yours! EMH 16.2-3hh (3yr old full sister 16.2hh already and a dream break in/ ride)

Baby horse perfection, Weiti Eclipse.. filly by Weiti Handy Andy out of Ngahiwi Focus (Indoctro/Emillion) we had a line of people wanting this filly and she was spoken for but they were tyre kickers so she is still up for grabs! Sooo gorgeous.

$ Sold

This is Weiti Eclipse, our lone filly for this crop. She is a very tall, beautiful foal and is one of a cross we have found to be infallible! Ngahiwi Focus (N bay Indoctro/Emilion) /Weiti Handy Andy. I have kept her 3yr old full sister and she is the MOST amazing horse under saddle! All others are off with super homes who adore them. They are born tall and mature tall (this girl will be around 16.2-3hh) and are delightful. $5,000 plus gst.

Weiti Flash Gordon

Born a couple of hours ago! Our super star mare Claudia has had a cracking big colt by Weiti Kingswood (Blue Indoctro/Corland mare) the old girl must have been jealous of the youngins getting all the attention this morning!

Weiti Flash Gordon! Colt by Weiti Kingswood out of Claudia. He’s a great type and such a quiet foal. He had a halter session, drench and vaccine today and literally hardly noticed 😂 he wasn’t aware that said halter session was to prepare him for his gelding in a couple of weeks time! 👋🏼

$not currently offered for sale

Weiti Gravity

The latest arrival Weiti Gravity.. Colt by Kingswood (Ngahiwi Blue Indoctro/Corland mare) out of Weiti Starlet (Weiti Handy Andy/Superstud) amazing breeding and type.

Delightful Weiti Gravity, grey colt by Weiti Kingswood (Corland/Indoctro) out of Weiti Starlet (Weiti Handy Andy/Superstud) a real classy chap! Love his compact type and he has plenty of great breeding.

$4,500 + GST


Weiti Harvest Moon

Our last baby of the season was born last night! Big thanks to aforementioned wonderful vets for safely foaling the mare down for us after she lost a huge filly last season. Amazingly well cared for as always! A big strong colt by Weiti Kingswood out of Weiti Wednesday. A very special cross for us.

This is Weiti Harvest Moon, our last baby of the season. He’s by Weiti Kingswood (Ngahiwi Blue Indoctro/Corland VDL) out of Weiti Wednesday (Dances with Fire) he is just dashing! Upstanding and very well put together plus super easy to catch, drench, jab etc. Mum is 17.3hh (yes, really) and King is 16.1hh but throws XL babies so he is going to be a big boy, Not a giant like his Mum was when she was born but likely 16.3-17.0hh based on the breeding. And should jump the moon.

$ 5,000 + gst