Weiti Uno

Naughty 6yr old mare

by Manuka out of  Ngahiwi French Lace (Corland VDL) mature 16.1hh

Uno is an outstanding mare with excellent conformation and a competitors temperament.

This girl is a cross we are very excited about. She is one of the last of our great Manuka’s progeny and out of stunning Corland VDL mare Lacey.

We’ve decided to keep this, our last Manuka filly, as a broodmare.


Uno is a sassy little madam! She is full of self importance and is quite easily offended but this confidence and sharpness is often what makes a prospect a superior competition horse so we don’t begrudge her antics!

broken in and though she threw many wooblies and was outraged by much of the process she has come out the other side much more accepting and toned down. This girl is hard case but alot of fun to work with, shes smart and you have to be tactful with her but it’s a rewarding job getting a horse like this to work with you. I have become very attached to her!


She is actually a very quiet horse, easy to catch and deal with, accepted a rider without opening her eyes etc. Once she learned not to try and buck me off every time I told her to do something she was very cool! She is in no way wild or dangerous, just hates to be told what to do, very predictable tantrums.

Miss madam has loads of ability and though she is all too aware of it I am sure we will be able to get her on the right track to become a fantastic showjumper, she moves very well and has a flash jump. been out and about to school and was better behaved than she is at home!

Weiti Uno was awesome for her first show at Woodhill Sept ’17. Calm and confident with real rideability in the ring. She nailed all the related lines and jumped very nicely, she was double clear and got a ribbon on Saturday and had one tired rail late in the jump off yesterday. Very good girl, onwards and upwards for her.


Roany Pony Weiti Uno (Manuka/Corland VDL) came along for her first going away experience. She took the longer truck trip, yarding etc all in her stride, no stress what so ever. She jumped around the training ring both days and though she did buck me off before I made it in the ring on Saturday she redeemed herself by jumping boldly and carefully around both days despite it being very puggy. Good things to come from this little brat I am sure, I have NEVER sat on a young horse so sure of its self over jumps, nothing phases her.


Weiti Uno, showing that scary thing who’s boss. She’s a bloody individual.


Weiti Uno having a school at Cheleken. She’s really getting organised at the jump now

Uno hasn’t had much work this season, through no fault of her own, but her turn will come again soon!