Kind 15.2hh 5yr old Gisborne bred mare from Ruatoria.

Robin is a very sweet, gentle natured mare whom we brought fresh broken in April 2015 from Ruatoria horse sale.

This girl is a soft, sensitive personality who tries extremely hard to please, she is forward and still pretty ‘hot’ meaning too sensitive to the aids, but being the hard working, trainable mare she is she is learning to relax and accept the leg and contact without over doing it. A rewarding ride who I feel will be really something when she is relaxed and sure of whats required of her.

She has good paces, very through and powerful in canter and though we have only jumped her a couple of times she has shown plenty of ability and is happy to jump fillers.

Robin is in her element on the farm, she calms down and enjoys herself out there as it is probably all she has known, circles are confusing and confusion is stressful for a horse who wants to do her best!

Another one who has been a mum and is now getting her career back! She has had two gorgeous foals and is now in work and schooling well, she is a sensitive little mare who thinks your going to beat her if you point at something! She’s had a life in Gizzy I would say but is so trusting once she gets to know her rider.

Needs a lovely home who will help her continue to come out of her shell and enjoy ridden life! as kind as can be with super movement, ideal for a good rider to produce and train for any discipline.

$5,000 + gst

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